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On my recent exploration into African cultures, I learnt ancient beauty regimes were passed down and put into practise from grandmother to mother to daughter around adolescents.

Tribal women did not have access to modern, sophisticated beauty creams, but they were always known for their smooth, flawless skins. The harsh African sun made women seek simple natural alternatives to keep their skins, protected, healthy and supple. Any Make Up enthusiast should know, the secret to flawless, glowy make up is great skin.

The more you develop good skincare routines, the better you'll understand your skin. Make up is not meant to be overly complicated. It's meant to highlight your best features. When it comes to pampering and treating your skin, always look to more natural untreated products.

African beauty is skin deep. Its patience and centuries of wisdom perfecting one core ingredient without chemicals. With almost 3000 tribes how much more is there to learn.

Trending currently as people seek out gentler, greener approaches to skincare is plant based alternatives is bakuchial - an East Asian seed extract that performs like retinol, minus irritation. It helps target fine lines and wrinkles , discoloration and loss of firmness.

There is a revolution in the definition of “beauty”. From skincare to beauty it is all about minimalistic products that radiates from the inside out. Stay tuned as I explore innovative ways to streamline your beauty rituals.

The Make-up maverick,

Zakiyya Bham

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