Updated: May 5, 2019

The world of beauty thrives off its ability to evolve and rebirth itself and with new launches, innovations and a stream of trends taking over social media, it opens the door to an increased number of possibilities of what the standard of beauty should look like.

No wonder society’s definition of masculinity has become more flexible as more popular brands take full advantage of this. Glamglow recently launched a gender-neutral skincare line to educate and encourage teens to take care of themselves in one of the most crucial stages in life because there is a considerable demand for gender neutrality in products as people learn the importance of self-love and self-care and no longer associate beauty only to women.

When we delve deep into "Japanese Beauty" which has been a hot topic since 2018 and which focusses on quick-fixes for the skin such as blemish treatments unlike Western beauty, its all about what will help your skin in the long-term rather than what will treat a specific skin concern in the short-term. No quick fixes here!

There is a return to a more minimalist approach to beauty, as we search for less complicated and fewer products that promise to deliver higher concentrations of effective ingredients suited for all ethnicities, genders and ages. For instance, oil serums that are used to hydrate the skin as well as a prime the skin for your next step… make-up.

Zakkiya Bham


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