The Cardinal Sins of Makeup Hygiene

Today’s topic is one which is commonly overlooked but is highly crucial in the Makeup Industry. Hygiene is first and foremost the main priority in ensuring you and your makeup artist are a good fit. A crucial element of professionalism in beauty is proper hygiene and sanitary procedures, to protect both the client and the artist. Proper health and sanitation ensures that the spread of bacteria or germs is constantly maintained by cleaning one’s hands, tools, products and work environment.

Here are my 5 tips to be aware of when hiring a makeup artist:

1. Does she wash or sanitize her hands before touching your face?

In addition to airborne germs and external pollutions, a great number of germs are picked up and spread by our hands due to touching high traffic areas like door handles, light switches or using our mobile phones. Hands should also be sanitized during sessions if searching for a product or simply dropping something on the floor.

2. Pay attention to the artist’s kit.

Does the artist have knowledge on the products she stocks? Sporting the latest high end brands of Make Up is an advantage to any MUA but not if comes at the cost of it being a knock off

Are there smudge marks, residue or other fibres stuck in or around her products? Do their brushes look used, or not quite clean? Does that brush or sponge look like it was used on 5 other people? STOP! This is potentially an unsafe situation you are putting yourself into. Improper storage, handling, and hygiene of products and tools can cause or spread a number of germs, bacteria or serious conditions.

That inexpensive Artist you found on Facebook for a “too good to be true” price may end up costing you more than you bargained for in the long run. Would you turn a blind eye to a restaurant serving you a meal in a dirty plate? Then you should apply the same reasoning to your MakeUp or hair service. You have a right to stop the service and refuse further progress if you witness any of the above mentioned conditions.

3. Double dipping is a NO

Unless you provided the product or it is used on you exclusively, the applicator that comes with the packaging should never come into contact with your skin. If the artist plans on using the wand from the product, consider how many people it came into contact with prior to you. Products should be doled out and applied without ever double dipping into the product.

4. Are her eye and lip pencils sharpened?

Lip and eye pencils should always be sharpened and swabbed with alcohol for a clean and precise line between every clients, regardless if it’s your sister, cousin or neighbour who had her face beat prior to you.

5. And lastly a little bit of makeup knowledge passed down to me by my mum when I started wearing makeup. “Never ever share mascara.” Your eyes are one of the most delicate organs on your body. That dark moist dark tube of lash glory could mean a spread of conjunctivitis or eye infections. It’s professional and hygienic to use disposables for each and every client.

The knowledge and practise of proper sanitary procedures in any field of beauty is just one of the many elements that separate a true beauty professional from an enthusiast. The difference that could not only have a huge impact on the price you pay but also the quality and safety of your hair, makeup, lash or nail service.

Zakkiya Bham


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